Yoga, yay or nay

This question is almost along the same lines as “how long is a piece of string”

I think yoga has gotten a bit of a bad reputation by some seeing it as more of a new age thing, others as it being something that requires your body to be twisted like a pretzel. As such it can put a lot of people off it.

In my opinion everyone should be doing some form of yoga in there lives. What it looks like to each person is different and how you implement it as well. Me personally I am not about to be doing crazy yoga moves that may end up with me in a twisted pretzel. But getting back to basic moves that help open me and get me to take time focus and realign myself is what I am all about. Yoga at its core is about controlled actions to help improve the balance in your life.

I have been in more yoga classes than I care to count and each one is different and caters to a different market. For example, the one I attended at a local gym was more fitness based and I left feeling older than I am because my body does not move in those ways. However the one I went to at a local school hall, had me doing moves but in such a lovely gentle way. I walked away feeling like I did do some form of a workout and just this feeling of contentment and happiness.

When you embark on your yoga journey I encourage you to do some research into what draws and attract you, it may be aeriel yoga, hot room or something else but do not just chase a deal.

Yoga has the ability to change your life, so do some shopping around and find what works for you. Not only will your mind thank you for it, your body will as well.

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