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When does your life begin?

And I mean when does it truly begin?

When your kids leave home?
When you finish a degree?
When you leave home?

When is that moment where you take charge and be all that you want and can be?

No this is not the “oh” when I was in my early 20’s I tried different things but now its time to get serious, knuckle down and be a model citizen, study, get a job and have the 2.5 kids

Is that really the life and vision you had for yourself as a little girl sitting there in your room and knowing you are going to do big things when you get older.

Knowing that yes maybe you wanted kids but also to have money and do it all on your terms, not the way society dictated but the way your soul knew how.
Doing everything led by soul not society

What changed what happened that all went so different. Well, that is because you let others control your narrative, the story, the journey of your life.

But no more
No more playing by the rules
No more “yes sir/ no sir”
No more doing what hurts the soul

Time to Decide that you are important that your desires matter.
Time to Commit to you
Time to just do the damm thing you always wanted to do.

Time to Be All of You


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