What does your Soul say?

You know that there is more to all this, that your inner compass is guiding you on a journey of self-discovery. A whisper that you have been hearing and slowly but surely it has gotten louder making its presence known and heard. You cannot ignore it any more.

Now more than ever is the time to unapologetically go after what it is you want and listen to the whispers of your soul.

What is it that it is trying to tell you where is it guiding you?

I know it may feel that you are facing more questions than answers in your life right now.

Not sure what to do…

Where you are going…

This feeling inside knowing that there is more but unsure of what that really is and how to grasp it with both hands. And even if you want to grasp it.

I am here to tell you that you’re not alone.

You are being guided

You are being shown 

You are being called to Remember

Your Soul is inviting you into a journey of remembrance

We are all born with the ability to communicate with our higher self,  soul, our inner knowing. We do this through the understanding of the energy that flows within and the energy that surrounds is. This has always been available to you and now is the time to embrace it, as you have been called to remember.

I invite you to take a few moments to tap into the energy around with the guided meditation and just listen. Be open to what you may hear, see or feel. I invite you to just be present in the moment.

Energetics of Intuition

When you understand the energy of all that is and all that is around you, it opens up a world of possibilities for you. No longer are you wondering about what is and what could be. What you need to know is always shown to you and you are able to tap into the power you have within. To not only connect with your soul but the spirit around if you so choose.

Within you lies the answers you seek.