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The vulnerability of a situation

It is okay to put on this mask so that you can get a job/task done, but is it really okay to that to your soul?

She came here with a purpose, with a mission to complete and by denying her that right you are denying yourself.
It is easy to go around with this false illusion that life is happening to you. Everyone and everything is stacking the odds against you, but let me be honest nothing could be further from the truth.

You came here to experience, to be and express all that you are and all that you can be.

Now, where did or does it say that you must be small, play small and act small in order to get ahead. No one said you need to accept shit in your life and call it okay.

You are the creator of your reality and shock horror you are allowing these things to happen to you. All of them are WAKE UP calls, SIGNALS, SLAPS in the face wanting you to make a choice. Make a conscious line in the sand to these things have been happening for you. To make you see that you are more than just the skin you are in.

You are divinely blessed
You are powerful
You are amazing

And you need to start to see things from the inside out and not anger live in your head where fear and doubt arise. For you know they are not real.

Time to rise up my soul sister
Time to be fully you and all that you can be

Time to Decide, Commit and Do

Cindy xx

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