Relaxation Music

No matter what we do we cannot escape music. It is an energy that is all around us and taking you on a journey. Be it the song on the radio or the gentle sounds of the rain falling down around you. Every sound insights an reaction from you.

So I wanted to do this post on music/sound because, it is not always given the credit it deserves. I know for one I never really used to take note of it and how it made me feel. Now however when I feel my mood is getting annoyed or I am just not in a good space I listen to what is around me, what are the sounds I can hear. Most of the time the overwhelming sound is my kids going nuts in the background and as you can imagine would be enough to drive anyone crazy.

However change the sound and you change the mood. Sometimes all it take is a click of a button to turn the radio on and a sense of calm fills the house.

So what I want to do is encourage you to discover the sounds around you and tap into it. If you like listening to Madonna and she makes you happy and smile, then put her on at least once a day. It will do you the world of good.

As far as I am concerned music uplifts the soul.

This is one of my personal playlists of music that I find calming and relaxing, I do not suggest listening to this in the car. This is for when your mind is racing and all you want to do is calm down, relax and maybe even go and sleep. Put this playlist on and let it take you and carry you.


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