Spiritual Readings


A one-hour session that works on the information you need right now to get you unstuck.

If you have not yet done so, then confirm your date and time below, or simply buy a session now and we can lock down a time later.

Sessions are limited and only a few are available each month.


One hour readings, where I connect with your higher self. This is about connecting at a Soul level to assist you in moving forward and getting a fresh perspective. These sessions are all about you and getting you to a higher level of alignment. Opening up to all the possibilities around you. These readings can also be used to connect with a loved one that has passed.

If you wanting to get an energy healing -click here to book a session

These sessions are done remotely.

As each session is so special and unique I am only able to offer a limited amount, as such check my calendar to see when the next available date is. If you want to be notified when more dates get added to the calendar, feel free to join my mailing list to keep you updated.

If you have not yet done so, then please pick a timeslot that works for you below. All times are in US Pacific Standard Time. If this is not you, then just add an hour or two – you know-how.


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