Ready to say yes?

To say YES to everything you have ever wanted in your life

Is 1 on 1 Mentoring for you?

Time has never been a friend to women, with each ticking of the clock it feels as if another moment is slipping away and driving ever and ever closer to having grey hairs popping out. And for what? That feeling of having not yet done all that you wanted and now feeling as if time is running out to do, be , have the life you have secretly dreamed of.

If your anything like me, you spent countless hours watching reality shows and cherry picking aspects of it for your life and dreaming the dream of “if only” and “aaah wouldn’t it be nice if” and when the episode is over releasing that dream to the fact that your life will never be like that and since the episode is over time to get your heads out the clouds and back to reality.

Back to the kids that by now have made more mess than you care to clean,  back to the daily tasks of doing things you do not like around the house, for me that is folding washing and just the thought of it is enough to cause nightmares.  

Oh ! To go back to that 60mins of bliss when you imaged a life different to the one you are in. The 60mins when you truly allowed your Soul to come out and be present and highlight to you the aspects you have always wanted in your life but have been to scared to vocalise. The aspects that you have been secretly dreaming of but at the same time feeling bad for doing it.

Well guess what, I say screw it all.

Who cares if you want to have a cleaner tidy the house for you and not have to worry about that.

Who cares if you want to change careers and go down a different route in life and have to “restart” according to society.

Who cares if you want to start a business even though the economy is not ideal.

Who cares if you want to walk around in designer clothes even if your just going to buy milk


Let me tell you this, no one cares, no one but you care.

It it time to say YES to everything you have ever wanted in your life

Time to say YES to you

Yes to all your dreams

Yes to the life your envisioned

Yes to the career your always wanted

Yes to the business you wanted

Yes to the health and sexy body you have always wanted

Yes to being all of you and nothing yes

Time to say screw it all to what you no longer want and 



Working with me is like no other program you have every seen or been in. I work with women who are ready to say YES to all that they are and in doing so she will give you the kick up the behind you need. Reminding you of who you really are, who you came to be and what you want to accomplish.

One on One mentoring is for you if you are ready to take your life to the next level, to look at your soul and say girl I LOVE YOU and from here on out I will continue to honour you and all that you hold.

If you are ready to be guided in Being Intuitively You, then send me a message and lets have a chat


Cindy xx

What others say

Cindy has not only been supportive on my journey, she is truly caring. It’s hard to find people like Cindy who can not only consult you in areas of your business but also see things from a spiritual level. I recommend Cindy to anyone looking for solid guidance in their life. Cindy is one of a kind!
Jennifer- Creative Channel
If you need guidance, to find yourself, to heal wounds, to take your business to a new level. You are in the right place. Cindy Pate has truly been my Angel here on earth. Let her inspire you to do and be so much more than you give yourself credit for.
Michelle - Entrepreneur
I want to thank you for not only guiding me to be a better me but, also checking on me as well if I ever needed more assistance. Extending that love to not only myself but my father as well. Giving him what he needed to help him. I'm forever gracious.
Latifah - Business Owner
I knew I needed someone to help me breakthrough and shift my mindset... Cindy was that person. She made me realise and look at my life in a different way...
Lauren - Branding Coach and Entrepreneur

The things we regret are the chances not taken

About Cindy

Cindy is an amazing soul, artist, entrepreneur and damm good cook as well. Her special gift is in guiding you, motivating you and showing you that you can tap into the limitless power you have within.

Cindy is an author, medium and a sort out coach for her ability to give you what you need without all the fluff attached.

Being a able to channel and communicate with spirit from a young age has allowed Cindy to see the world in a unique perspective and as such she is able to guide you and help you create the life you want and share her knowledge of energy, intuition and business with you.


Cindy Pate