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Past Life Correlations

Understanding past life experiences that may be plaguing in this life time could be the key to accelerating growth and expansion. And also finding peace of mind that leads to a lifetime of joy. A past life journey will give you a better understanding of yourself, the environment that you have created, and why others interact with you the way they do.

A past life experience journey can take you to the exact life time, exact moment and exact question that needs to be answered. It like watching a movie play out in your head where you are the star, and the supporting cast and environment are there only to enhance your moment of understanding.

Once you have that understanding, the Universe floods your awareness with actions and attitudes that easily propel you up the emotional ladder. Once you have that understanding, and used that understanding to move the block out of your way, the block dissolves. Forever. You are now free, and that block will never enter into your space again. It is gone from your existence, whether you live 5 more lifetimes, of 5000 lifetimes.

The main objective for every living being is to expand themselves, and by proxy, expand the Universe. This energy expansion occurs as we beings called humans create environments around us, and attact relationships, that bring us joy.

Joy is a high energy emotion that expands the entire Universe as the emotion expands. One human being, who has taken the step up the emotional ladder expands everything around them with this higher energy. This higher emotional energy takes on an energy of its own and exponentially expands outward. Through the Universe and beyond. Every single being, earthly or otherwise, benefits from each step of the expansion that we achieve in this lifetime.

Our energies cannot grow and expand until our beliefs rise to the matching energy level. Old issues and pre-programmed belief systems sometimes slow down the expansion. This can also stop us dead in our tracks. Some of us have been known to spin in that lower energy space our entire lives, never quite finding the key to moving up the next rung of the emotional ladder.

Embarking on a past life experience journey is the most obvious solution to jump start our forward movement. Whether it be someone you interact with that cause emotional pain and confusion, contracts that were entered into by you before coming to this Earthly plane, or an emotional trauma that you just cannot get past.

Taking this journey will allow you to positively change your day to day life and propel you through to a deeply enriched, highly successful, purposeful future.

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Cindy Butler

Cindy is an intuitive psychic who uses her skills to assist others in their journey’s through life. Cindy’s favorite thing to do is to take people on journeys to the past. The insights, joys and aha moments that are introduced through those journeys are priceless. Cindy teaches people how to go within themselves and see what their past was all about, and then guides them to apply their newfound knowledge to everything and everyone around them in their current life. Watching people give themselves permission to be empowered and motivated is a blessed gift.

Cindy also works with animals in her spare time, and enjoys intimate conversations with them and the sharing of their pure energy.Animals respond to pure energy, and Cindy loves hearing their perspective of their own journey and the relationship that they have to her and their human guardians in general.

Life is a journey. Enjoy it, embrace it, learn from it, soar to new heights with it. Everyone is capable; everyone has the power within their soul.
Cindy Butler
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