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Know who you are, to choose who you become

What you need is inside, it’s all ways been. 

It never really went away, all it did was move to the back of the line in the hopes that you will one day realise it again.

Here is the thing, Im a mom, a wife, a business owner blah blah I can add titles and digits behind my name till the cows come home. But none of that really matters.

Degrees and bank balances and all of that does not really matter. What really does matters is if any of those things truly light you up. Truly make your heart sing.

Because you know what I rejoice everyday that I am able to live the life I live, I get to play by my own rules and honour my soul in the most oh so delicious way by being all of me and nothing else. 

By no longer accepting things I am unavailable for.

Saying NO to a law degree that my heart was not in 

Saying No to anything that did not feel aligned with who I truly am.

All the questions you have been wondering all the answers you have been seeking is all within.

The answer has always been there.

All you have to do is look.


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