Just another girl, who knew that the life she was living was not the one she wanted. Knowing that struggling is not meant to be the norm.

I know first hand what it means to come from nothing and know you are meant to have more. To have everyone look at you as if you are crazy and the nerve of you to even suggest that this is not good enough. Champagne taste on a water budget pretty much sums up my childhood and early adult life. So I get it, but when I started understanding the Riches of Faith, my life changed and so did the lives of the people around me.  I have helped many people reach their goals and now live a life that they never thought was even possible.

From A Stroke To New Hope

In 2000, when the whole world was wondering if their computers was about to take over the world or best case just explode and stop working, I found myself in hospital room with Bels Palsy. My mother was unable to be there because she needed to be at work. That was the moment were I realized that hard work does not equal more money, just equals more frustration.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself starting my first business and selling all sorts of items on e-commerce. Don’t get me wrong, I made money but never anything that I could say I don’t have to work and instead choose to. 

Ten years plus in business has taught me that there is two ways of business.  Doing it on your own and following the paint by numbers business strategy. You know what I mean the playbook that all business uses, the one all graduates learn and most business are just carbon copies of each other. The same model of hustle, hustle hustle and then guilt clients into giving you money. 

Or their is the other way ,letting God take that lead in your business. Were you are just the CEO and not the Director. Where business is not done through the standard paint by numbers way, oh heck NO, we are doing a whole one of a kind business. The one where you follow your God given purpouse and understand the riches that has been left on this earth for you. Where you understand that there is and never has been lack in His house. If God has given you a mission you can be sure he has equipped you will all the resources you need to not just survive but thrive.

It was not until I learnt to trust and have faith that all things changed, that I found myself in situations that normally would not happen, found myself being able to move countries and live by the sea. Yes from my desk I can hear the water and the sound of palm trees gentle blowing in the breeze.

Now my mission is to help others do the same, break free of the stories that you cant have wealth, that Christians need to be humble and be okay with just getting by. That is such bull and not even biblical, so if you are ready to supercharge your life and want to unlock kingdom wealth, hit the button below.