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own it to grow it

There is no one size fits all when it comes to life, I could walk up to any successful business owner and ask them what is the key to success and I will get as many variations on that answer, because each persons business is unique to them and the problem they are solving.

It is no different when I ask someone what makes a good marriage, you get answers ranging from respect, mutual interests, love, friendship. However you ask any believer who has been married for a length of time and you will get the same answer across the board. Their faith, God . Having God at the centre of it all.

It is not about going to church on a Sunday and calling it a day.

It is about knowing that your marriage means more than what society wants you to think. 

It is about being in covenant with each other. Knowing that you are a force and together you can break generational bondages, send the enemy fleeing.

You see one person is not a threat, but two can send a thousand to flee.

Knowing that it is about both of you coming to a place of submission, laying your ego at the door and truly serving and honouring each other.

Helping each other grow and not trying to manipulate the other.

And when storms come because we know they will, you are both able to learn on each other to tackle the problem instead of each other.

With that said, all too often society shames couples who are having hassles. Placing conditions on why things went the way they did.

Do not feel shame, instead stand bold and confident and ask for help, because in doing so, only then things can change. What you will not admit will always have a hold on you.

Do not let the past hold you from your future.


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