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Burnt Croissants 😞

I can’t believe I burnt the croissants like , how did that even happen, its not like I have not made it before, this is nothing new to me, yet this weekend when I had guest over, I burnt a batch of croissants.

Normally this would be no big deal, but it got me thinking why did this happening. 

While the croissants were in the oven, I was busy making salads, mayonnaise and trying to make sure my daughter did not keep grabbing the peeler in an attempt to help.

In that moment when the burnt smelt first caught my attention, I realised I had actually forgotten about the things in the oven all together and I called to my husband telling him, I got distracted by my daughter trying to grab the stuff. He came and helped and said something that I had me re-evaluate the situation. He said” the croissants would not burn in the 3 seconds you where distracted removing the item from her had”

That hit, he was write, this did not just happen there is a reason it did. I took on too much in that amount of time. This was not a case of my husband not helping me or my daughter getting in the way. It was a situation of me stacking more on my plate than what I could handle.

Did you know your brain can only focus on 7 things at once. 

Imagine only having 7 tabs open on your computer- my screen would less cluttered that is for sure.

But think about this, running your body is like 2-3 tabs already, then talking is another tab.

So now your on only 3 tabs open. 

And this is where things go haywire, because we in that 5 minute space trying to put 8items in, when the space only allows for 3. So what happens , other things get pushed off, gets forgotten. 

For you it may not be croissants getting burnt, but it maybe that you forgot about the kids school event that needed x amount of things.

It could be date night that got pushed off the tab list

Intimacy being pushed off the tab list 

 I encourage you to look at what it is that you have going on this week and do not try and do it all in one day.

Give each thing the space, time and focus it deserves.

Hope you have a blessed week.

Blessings to life


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