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Founding in…

I was talking to a friend of mine and just talking about plants, and how with certain plants the flowers will change depending on the soil they are in.

So basically no matter how much you water it, prune it, try and change the sun position the colour of the flowers will remain the same until you change what it is founded in. It’s the soil that the roots are in that will determine the outcome of what happens above the ground.

We often seek to remedy things by just looking on the surface level. At the “fruits” but have you ever considered looking at the foundation.

So I want to ask you, what is your relationship founded on?

What is your marriage founded on?

Is it founded on expectations, demands, trauma’s ,bondages of the world or…

Is it founded on a solid foundation

Now don’t get me wrong for the first few years of my marriage, mine was founded on sand and that sand was moving and shifting in ways I did not want to or intended on. 

My marriage was basically going through the cycle of , really good then the smallest thing turned into week long arguments, which turned into silent treatment and then eventually one or both just saying sorry and then we are good for a while and then the cycle repeated. Always  going through this argument loop. 

Eventually getting to the stage where the argument loops was longer than the doing good bits.

Our foundation was really built on nothing, and it was not until we basically removed the plant from that soil and started all over again that things changed.

We started building on our foundation, looking at what we both truly wanted and what God wanted our marriage to be.

Going from screaming at each other, to sitting in prayer together.

Look at your foundation and ask yourself is it really built on the best ground?

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