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Unfair advantage

You have an unfair advantage…

I know right, right now your sitting here wondering how are you going to make it all work. How are you going to juggle business and marriage. It sure does not feel like you have an advantage. The unfair bit you feel.

Here is the thing, your marriage is not the source of your problem, it is in fact the source of your strength. See what you may not realize as you sit in the thick of it, is that marriage is under attack. There is such a push to make marriage feel and seem as meaningless as a piece of tissue. To make you feel like it is not worth fixing or putting in the effort, because you can always just upgrade and move on to the next new model. Shinny new thing here you come.

But that is such a lie, because your marriage is the foundation of building such amazing success , wealth and you get to have it all. You get to break the chains of your life that says you cannot have it all. That says business takes priority over marriage. Let me say this another way, your business should never overtake your marriage. Your marriage should be the reason your business is as successful as it is. Scripture keeps showing us that two is better than one. So why would you think that you need to exclude your spouse from business? Its just crazy talk.

Time to reboot your marriage and do life different, because what you have is worth fighting for, just need a different perspective on it.

As always remember you are a blessed, so live your best.

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