How to avoid these business mistakes in lead generation

I am sure most business owners have made this mistakes, me included luckily its easily fixed.

Bringing in more clients is the holy grail of any business. The ability to time and again have a steady stream of clients coming in without too much hassle and bother. So why is it such a struggle for some business?

It has not that business are doing something wrong it is just that a step is missing, little things over looked that make a difference.

Here are 3 things that impact client growth

1.No resource or leadmagnet . No means for your audience to get to know you better and see if you and them are a right fit. Lets be honest it is rare to just take a jeans off the rack and buy it. No you see if you like the cut and style, then you find your size and then you try it on before you even hand over a cent.

It is the same with creating a resource for your client. You want to give them a try before you buy option. A way to see if you are the right fit for them and vis versa.

  1. No call to action in your content – it is not about just getting likes, if you want to grow then you need to direct your audience to the next step. Likes is all well and good, but it does not pay the bills.
    You need to direct your audience tell them what to do next. Be is save this for later, comment, check out the full video or even get on a call with you.
  2. Not repurposing content- When you create fresh content every day tackling a range of new items, you are making life harder for yourself. And in the end it means you are less likely to show up and share because content created falls in the too hard basket.
    Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% repurposed and 20% new.

The reason you do this is because one not everyone has seen the information the first time around and two, that information is still just as relevant. It also means that your content is not just sitting there collecting dust, it is actually out there serving and helping others.
Two, it means you don’t have to come up with fresh ideas daily.

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