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Struggling to get traction?

You and I will never truly know the season or situation someone is in, so it can be hard to even begin to understand. So right now I do not know what you maybe going through in your life but I want to share something with you. If you are struggling with the feelings of procrastination, with dragging your heels on a task and unsure why.

Try as you might you cannot figure out why you cant just get on with it. Other people are so why not you.

This is going to sound counter intuitive but hear me out. You do not have a procrastination problem. So do not give it anymore focus or attention. What is going on is a doubt/anxiety that is presenting itself as procrastination. The task at hand is what you have doubt in, the task at hand is what you have no faith in.

The reason I can say this is if you believed that making that sales call was going to bring you in 10k then you would be on that call already. If you believed that going on that date would lead you to the love of your life, then you would be off the couch and out for coffee.

All that procrastination shows is, is a physical manifestation of what you truly believe around an action.

It is when you take doubt and turn it into faith that you will see change, success and growth in your life. When you move from doubting your success and ability to having faith, the certainty that your actions will prove fruitful. That no matter what others or facts may dictate you have an expectation of success. You have an excitement in your that spurs you on, to create, take action and see the fruits of your belief.

That same thing applies to your belief as a Christian. I know I have spent many a nights wondering in the past how some people have this passion. This overriding fire for Jesus, they are so in love with Him and nothing will waive that. It is because they have an absence of doubt. They have such faith in the word of God and live in a constant knowing and expectation of the outpouring into their lives.

The do not let disobedience in, which at the end of the day is doubt in Gods word. They do not question or second guess or put off what God has guided and instructed them to do.

Time and time again we see this theme repeated in scripture, where Gods word is faithfully followed, joy, success, victory and abundance follows. And where disobedience to His word, or even delay in acting on His word, procrastination, angst, worry, frustration follows and consumes you.

So as I said in the beginning I may not know what season you are in, but what I want you to ask yourself right now is this.

What if I do succeed?

What if this allows me to buy my first home?

What if this brings me closer to God.

Lets looks at questions that will bring you closer to excitement than despair

Closer to what you want to attract in your life, than what you least desire.

The more you focus on the excitement the more you produce success and joy in your life.

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