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Its a choice

It is always a choice…

We like to believe that we have no choices in life that it has all been stripped away. That the situation we are in is just that. It is what it is and you just have to live with it type thing.

But is that really the case, have we really been stripped down to nothing?

Actually not even close, the illusion is there for sure, but in reality that is not the case.

Everyday as we start our day, we make a choice.

A choice to see the blessings around us.

The choice to see things differently today.

The choice to do different today.

Or we have the choice to moan and groan.

To groan at the life before us.

To groan at how you have nothing.

It is all a choice, it always has been and always will be.

The only thing that is separating you from the life you have now and the one you so badly seek is a choice. Do you choose to see lack or do you choose to see opportunity around you, see the life you want is on the other end of a choice.

This is the mindset so many millionaires have adopted. They have realized early on that when you start choosing to see the blessings around, you start seeing more and more opportunities in front of you. More and more ways that you can serve others and intern be blessed for your offerings.

None of this happens while you are in indecision. It only happens once you make a choice.

Are you in to the opportunities or are you out and just happy to stay as you are?

The choice is and has always been yours….

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