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The Message!

Let the message be the message.
So much time is spent on curating ourselves,our lives, our feeds that the message is no longer the message but a manufactured piece, a version of it. You have taken your essence and commercialised it in an effort to fit in.

Sure, yes the paint by numbers method of taking your message and plugging it into a formula works and makes money for some..

But is that truly what you want, to dilute your voice for the hope of crumbs instead of the true wealth your message holds. Cause let’s be clear.

There is no lack or poverty in Gods house. So don’t for a second think by letting your message be the message you need to sacrifice.

Far from it.

When you step away from the new age nonsense and all the weirdness that vanilla business models bring, you are able to step into the true message and purpose God has designed for you to share.

The journey that he has placed you on up until now has all been to continue to strengthen your message. All you need to do now is lean into trust.
Lean into the principals and soul led blueprint He has left for you and within you.

Cause your message deserves to be out there. You deserve to have the life you dreamed of.

Now let’s drop the paint by numbers and start making money doing what is true to you and the message you have inside.

If you are ready DM me WEALTH and let’s chat.

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