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I am a Medium who helps people worldwide align with their soul’s purpose. I have a unique approach to spirituality through spirit lead guided plans and channeling, giving each client a unique experience. I use my mediumship ability to help you realize your blocks, and change any limiting beliefs you may have. A consult with me will leave you with a fresh perspective and a guided plan that you can implement in your life. I am also an author of Getting Un Stuck: A fresh look at business practices.

I look forward to getting to know you


Getting UnStuck
A Fresh Look at Business Practices

A short guide, designed to get your mind back in the game and your business back on line.

Available from Amazon, in both Print and Kindle versions.

  • Free 5-Day Course

    How To Unlock Your Purpose

    a brief insight into finding your soul’s purpose

  • Spiritual Consults

    Personal video call consult with me where I hold nothing back and give you exactly what I am shown.

    These are popular, so the bookings calendar is only open for the first week of every month.

    Consults can take up to an hour.

  • Personal Guided Plan

    These are business-focused and help you release the blocks that are holding you and your business back from realising your true potential.

    I will work with you for three months and make sure that everything we discover and decide is implemented and that you realise the growth you deserve.