Energy is everything

“ Every painful and emotionally charged event that happens in your life continues to  have an energetic and powerful impact on you even today. In most cases stopping you from fully stepping into your purpose”

Let’s dive into that.

When a painful or emotionally charged event happens in our life we tend to not deal with all that incompasses and everything going on with it. Instead we do some surface work just enough to shove that emotions down deep. Hoping it does not resurface again.

All that is being done is the energy is stored in your body with no where to go.

Now what happens when we get placed in a similar situation again, the same pattern occurs, the energy and the real problem is stored down deep and avoided completely. With a quick fix solution put in place yet again.

This starts becoming a pattern, a programmed response and a natural default for yourself. This is when you start feeling stuck, trapped and can never truly figure out the root of your problems as you have never really dealt with them. A constant running in circles and no solution can be found.

A solution will only come when you get to the root of the problem and address the blocks you have repressed for so long. The blocks that are not allowing you to fully step into your soulful purpose.

“It is not your fault”

Events and situations happen in life that are beyond your control. Especially when you are young and trying to make sense of it all. Trying to figure out how to deal with these strange feelings and emotions, looking for guidance from those around you and not receiving any.

There are so many like you that have this beautiful spiritual gift but due to misconceptions, bad information and events beyond your control that have forced you to slowly close that part of yourself not fully stepping into your purpose. 

Closing off your spiritual gifts.

Not allowing your intuition to truly shine and not tapping into it to. This is a big part of the reason you may be feeling stuck, with a lack of direction not being able to fully embrace all that life has to offer and the abundance within it.

You stepped into this life with all the gifts, abilities and tools that you need to make your mark and step into your purpose. 

With a soulful purpose to do great things.

It is not your fault that along the way things happened that forced you to close off your gifts and forget all that you brought with you. 

It is not your fault that you lost your way. That your senses become numb and logic took over.

You have a light inside that wants to shine.

I’m here to help you get back to your soulful purpose…