Breathing Breaks

We all take a breath each day without thinking to much about it. Its something our brain does on autopilot. What breathing breaks is about, is taking back control for just a few minutes.

Placing yourself in the driver seat of your breath. I know this may sound a bit strange and to some pointless, but just trust and believe me when I say it will do you so well.

What made me start doing breathing breaks was not a yoga class or something along those lines. It was giving birth to my children. The is a reason when a woman is in labor they get you to focus on your breath and control your actions through it. It is because it works. I could go on and talk about how the extra oxygen helps and go all science on you but that ain’t my style. All I know is what worked for me and how it can help you.

So to get started with breathing breaks all you have to do is first take some time out to yourself. Yes, you have to commit to a few minutes to be by yourself in a place that is calm and silent. Then start noticing how you are breathing, are you taking deep breaths of air or just shallow ones. The first step is just being aware of your breath, what you will notice is that your breaths will start to slow down and become deeper.

For 1-2 minutes I want you to take control of your breathing. Inhale deeply focussing your energy to send that breath to every part of your body and then exhale. You may feel a little light headed at first because of its a slight rush to the brain but stick with it. Because you are controling your breath you will start to feel relaxed.

Use these breathing breaks as a way to calm you down and bring you into the present. It really helps when the kids/ family/ loved one/ boss/ co-worker just got your blood boiling. This break just puts you back in control of your body.

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