What relationship really matters?

Stop and think about that for a minute, if you had to honestly sit and think about it what relationship in your life really matters. What would your answer be?

Let me give you a hint, it is not the one with your significant other or even your kids. 

Yes I said it! 

They are not the relationship that should take priority the one that should take priority is the one you have with yourself.

Yes you

You are the the most important relationship, the one that comes above and before all else. The one that needs to be nurtured and loved before you can even give to anyone else.

See we all came here in our own sovereign mission, your partner and kids included. We each have our own path, our own soul purpose and energies that need to be fulfilled. Yes we have relationship with others but if you do not know who you truly are and what it is that we believe, want, care for and what really gets you so passionated and fired up how can you hold space for others to do the same. 

How can you teach a child to walk, to learn, grow, honour all they are if you yourself do not do the same. If you are continually choosing to hold back and say “It is there turn now, my time will come when…”  

And then when the time does come, be it 1 to 10years from now, who knows when it may be. Chances are you will never act on that chance because you forgot how to truly be you, forgot how to honour the most important relationship in your life.

Let me be honest for a minute I know deep down, you have been looking for a sign, you have felt this stirring in your soul that has said that something needs to change, something needs to happen. You can’t keep going on like this where you feel each day just blend into each other.

Where life seems to just be happening to you and all you can do is watch it pass you by with every now and then being able to make a comment or even a suggestion.

Well that sign you have been looking for is NOW.

Today it all changes

Today you start loving you and all of you, every little bit

Today you declare to take a step into being the person your soul is calling you to be

Today is the day we celebrate you and oh does it feel so delicious

Today you finally say NO, no to what is no longer lighting you up

No to feeling alone

No to feeling confused

We are done, with it all.

Today is now and forever will make your journey into coming back to you.

Loving you, being all that you came and meant to be.

Showing the world that you are more than a wife, mother, sister, daughter

You are a divine goddess and you accept nothing less

Showing up in a way that feels right to you and only you.

Not caring what anyone else thinks or even cares about your desires

For you claim it and you live it, loud and proud

For you are fully in your power and showing others that it is okay to love

If you want to dive deeper into what self love looks like, click the link below and lets have a chat.

Love and Light


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