008 – Unable To Meditate

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Hi Guys. I’m Cindy and I’m a Spiritual Medium.

And today I wanted to just talk to you guys a little bit about what meditation is. There’s a lot of questions about being unable to meditate. So what does meditation look like? What happens when you have all these thoughts in your heads? I just want to dive a little bit and talk about meditation.

So firstly, what exactly is meditation and for each person that answers, it’s really different and really unique. For some people meditation is just a way of calming the mind, getting, gaining better clarity, getting focused. For the others, meditation could be taking a stroll on the beach and just getting sort of a different perspective. It’s a way just to quiet everything, go into a deeper level of thought or deeper understanding of things. And I, you know, one thing I keep stressing is that there is no one size fits all type of meditation.

For some people, it is doing a very zen-like meditation where you could, calm on a pillow, you know, hands together, very focused on the breath. For others. It’s taking a hike and just getting into nature and just completely getting away from all the distractions. And that is actually also going into meditat… , meditative states. For others, it’s the sound of water – going to the beach. For some people, they need a guided meditation. So if you don’t, not sure what a guided meditation is, that is where you listen to somebody’s voice and they give you instructions, like stepping stones. For example: “breathe in, breathe calm. We are going to now follow certain steps or imagine yourself walking in the park” and that is what a guided meditation is. Guided Meditations are usually accompanied by some music as well, so that in order to get you in a sort of trance-like state, and I do like guided meditations because they’re really good at actually getting you to switch off any thoughts that you have.

So it’s a good way, if you’re a beginner, and you want to get into meditation a guided meditation is a very good start and it gets you going. So for the, for the big question of being unable to meditate and what should it look like? Meditation – as I said, there is no one size fits all. It looks different for every person. But I’m going to, you know, tackle three main topics. So firstly what happens with all the thoughts in your head? Two, your body moving during meditation. Is that, is that fine? Is it not? And thirdly, what does actual meditation look like? What should, what could you expect?

So firstly when it comes to thoughts, having thoughts in your head while you’re meditating is not a bad thing. It is actually your body’s way of clearing any lingering questions, any thoughts or any things you don’t have quite answers to? Because a lot of time I find when I meditate, things that I did think about a while ago will come through to me. Those questions will come through to me while I’m meditating. So those are the thoughts coming in and it’s just your mind’s way of answering any unanswered questions. And it’s also a way for you to start focusing on those questions. So if you think about those questions you can like, okay, is this relevant for now? Is there something that I need to look at, address or focus on? So it’s actually going in meditation. Having those thoughts is actually a good thing because it gives you a chance to actually just prioritize what’s important, where you’re going and what you’re doing. So don’t worry if you stop meditating and you’re like, I have all these thoughts in my head, what am I doing? That’s fine.

Go with it. Keep on breathing through it and you’ll find that thoughts will become less and less. But the, you know, most of the time they are still there and that’s not a bad thing at all. Um, secondly, moving during meditation, perfectly fine. Don’t even worry about it. Don’t even think about it, going, ‘I should be sitting dead still’. No, as I said, different forms of meditation for each person it’s different, and if walking in a beach is meditative to you, then obviously you’re going to be moving. But if you’re in a zen-like position and you start moving, that is just your body’s way of readjusting to the energy around and actually just getting comfortable in getting into it. Sometimes I might be swaying a little bit and that’s just getting my… getting comfortable in, in the meditation and getting the position right. So that’s fine. Moving during meditation, not a problem, not a worry. Not a stress. Don’t worry about it. Don’t even think that you’re doing something wrong. Perfectly normal, perfectly.

Thirdly. What does the meditation actually look like? Feel like? What can you expect? So this is sound a little bit crazy, but meditation is really personal to each person. Or envision a park. Your version of a stream or a park is different to mine. So what you’re going to see in the meditation is really, it depends on you and how you grew up, what, what your surrounding is and what you envisioned. Based on that, what I can say, meditation is meant to feel light calming and just relaxing. And when you come out of it, you come at it with a sense of more clarity and, and sense of more answers to questions that you may have had going into it.

So that, that’s the overriding thing that most people will experience in meditation. And that’s an overriding sense of calmness, sense of peace and a sense of just oneness with themselves. And it is the loveliest thing to actually go into meditation. And even if you don’t go into full set of meditation and you spend 10, 15 minutes listening to meditative music, it is so calming, so freeing and just so. It gives you a little, sort of, it’s like a checkout time, time that you can actually just be with yourself and just go, okay, this was today, this is, this is what it was like and just destress. So meditation for me, I find that it’s really good for just distressing at the end of the day and just putting, putting, putting at ease my mind that maybe thinking about everything that’s going on or the next client that I have or things that I needed to do.

Meditation is a good way to just go, bring it down a notch, bring your level down to calm so you can actually have, when you go to bed as well, a good night’s rest because you’ve actually calmed the mind down and actually got it to a state with can just go, ‘hmm, I’m at peace’. So that’s really good. So overriding thing, what I’d suggest is, if meditation is something that you want to get into, look at doing, exploring. Start with a guided meditation. There are many guided meditations on YouTube, online, you name it, you can find it. There’s many of them. Find one that you like the person’s voice. So that’s why I’m going to suggest shop around kind of a thing because again, one size fits all. Nope. Shop around, find one that you like and start small. So start with a small five minute one, a 10 minute one and then maybe work up to 15 minute one.

I know there are longer meditations like half an hour to 40 minutes. If this is your first time, don’t start with such long meditations because it’s going to be hard for you to get into it. Start Small and work your way up as you, it’s like a muscle that you need to practice and refine. And as you practice it more and more, you will get better at it. So start off with a small guided meditation and then slowly get into it or even just do meditative music and to see if that’s just something more your thing, if you’re not, the guided one doesn’t do it for you, then just try the music and see how you feel with that. But I encourage you to just try it out, see if this is something for you. If you get to enjoy it and just have fun with it, it’s not meant to be something so serious.

It’s just something to be something. Just, just another way of actually just relaxing the mind, getting better clari, clarity, getting better focus. So with that guys, as always, I, as always, if you liked this video, go down there, click the like button. If you want to know, if you want to have more notifications from me, click the subscribe button. I would love to get to know everybody and if you have any thoughts or questions about this, drop me a comment and I will try to comment, try to reply to everyone’s comments in there so I can’t wait to see you in the next video.


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