007 – Be Silent

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Hi guys, it’s Cindy, Spiritual Medium.

And today I just want to talk about being silent and what actually being silent means and involves.

You know, I don’t know … everyone grew up pretty differently, but the way I grew up, Mom used, my mother always used to tell me that God gave you two ears and one month, one month, so be quiet and listen more than you talk. And that’s kind of what I want to talk to you about today because I’ve seen a growing trend of confusion and miscommunication happening and that happens purely because the other party is not listening. We’ve spent so much time just talking and, and focusing on getting our point across that we’ve lost that of actually listening to someone else’s point and the point that they are trying to make, and I know it’s kind of sucky to say you need to listen more, but that’s exactly what we need to do.

We actually need to take time to stop and actually be silent and actually listen to what the people around you are saying. What are they needing from you and what are they judging? And when you actually be silent and actually listen to the feedback that they are giving you, it is only then that you can actually learn how to accept that feedback, how to accept constructive feedback and not take it as an attack and actually learn and grow from it. Because it’s so easy to, when somebody says, oh, I don’t like what you’re doing to just automatically get on the back foot, but when you actually take the time to find out, “hey, what is it that you want from me? What is it that you need from me? What is, what is it that I can do to improve? What am I doing well and what am I improving on? “

And when you take the time to be silent, you can actually have those open and honest discussions without anybody feeling bad, feeling hurt. Because in order also to be an effective leader, you need to be able to take feedback effectively. And the first way to start in building a very good relationship with yourself and with everyone around you is to actually, in all honesty, be silent. And it’s sometimes so hard to just sit there and listen and not jump in and want to say something. And if you’ve got kids, you know how hard that is to just sit there and let them talk and not jump in and correct. Firstly what they’ve said because they’ve said it incorrectly. But to actually just sit there and listen because half the time it sounds like garbage that they’re saying and the other, but in that other half that you, that you miss, you actually hear the true essence of what they’re saying.

And I know a lot, a lot of times, and I’ve been guilty of this before, where we switch off too soon and when I say we switch off, we start listening and we think, okay, today I’m going to be listening. I’m going to be fully present. And you start listening and then you get to the point where you like, I don’t like what I’m hearing. So you switch off and in the moment that you switch off, you are not opening yourself up to the rest of what they’re saying. And in the rest of it, you may have missed a gem, a nugget, it may be that 90% of what they spoke about is crap, but that 10% is the 10% that you needed to hear. But if you were not open the whole time, all you got was the crap. So this is why actually listening and being fully present, fully opening yourself up to that person, fully letting love in, as I spoke about in a previous episode about letting love, when you let love in and just open and listen and you are silent, you are opening up so much more opportunities to grow, so much more opportunities to take back, to take on feedback, to take on information that you didn’t know was available to you.

This, you know, this is also the time where people you hear you, when you’re being silent, you start hearing what is needed. And that could be your next business idea for all you know, or the next, you know, bright thing that makes you millions, for example. But if you don’t take the time to listen, how will you ever know? How will you ever know what your market needs, what your family needs, what your staff needs, what your business needs, what your children needs, what your husband, your wife, what anybody needs, if you don’t listen.

So I ask you, just for today, just when somebody talks to you, and says “You know, I’ve got something serious to talk to you about”. I encourage you today to just listen and be silent. So I ask you, can you be silent today?

Thanks guys. And as always, you know what you, want to do. If you really like this, would like to know more, or hear more, click the subscribe button, click the link buttons. They’re all there. So just do whichever one is easiest and best for you and I shall speak, speak to you guys again soon.


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