006 – Let Love In

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Hi Guys, Cindy, Spiritual Medium here.

And today I’m going to talk about love and letting love in. What does it mean to let love and what does it look like? What should it look like? So let me just, I’m gonna just gonna jump right in there and I’m going to ask you a question. How often do you give love with condition and, it sounds I was like, “hmm, I don’t need love as conditions”, but actually just think about it. How often is the way we love somebody based on what they can do for us or how mutually beneficial the relationship is. That is what I call a love, with condition. And that is not actually truly letting love in because you’re letting love in on your terms and that is not how it should be, what it’s about and how it works. What I mean by letting love in is actually just unconditionally allowing love into your life in any way, shape or form. That could be finding the beauty in nature or the way a stranger smiled at you or a little kid giggled when you looked at them.

That is just freely and openly letting love in, and love doesn’t need to be, anything, you know, sort of, doesn’t necessarily just have to stop with the one, the love you have for your partner or for your children or for your siblings. Love is all-encompassing. It is everything. Love is omnipresent. It is just so around us, and in order to have a more fulfilled life, a blessed life, an abundant life, we need to let love in. We need to have just this overwhelming joy regardless of who you’re with or what it is that you’re doing. And it’s often times we get so wrapped up in our own life and everything that’s going on that we forget to actually let love in and, and just go, you know today I’m just happy and just feel the love that’s around us and enjoy it and don’t put any conditions on it or ‘I can be happy’ or ‘I can feel love and joy in my heart because the bills aren’t paid’ That’s just … don’t even go to that discussion.

You need to actually just always think of coming from a place of love and joy. And when you start looking that living that, embracing that in your life, you will letting love in, and you will be seeing things from a different perspective, from a different viewpoint, from a different, completely just a different way. And love will just be your all. You will find a love in the littlest of things and it will have no conditions. You won’t feel that you, you owe somebody something because of what they did for you, that is not love. That is a contract, a commitment, a trust, a bond, a word. And as you know, I have previously spoken about, let your, that you convictions be your convictions, and your word be your word, so if you want to listen to that, that’s in the other post, this post is all about giving without expecting in return, giving from a place of love, not with any conditions, not with any strings, not with anything else that you want from it.

And that I know because of the way society has become lately. It is. It is a little bit different to see yourself as in “Aah, but I did this for them and they’ve done nothing for me”. Who Cares? It’s like Christmas. Think about Christmas. You give a present and you don’t always expect anything in return. Your kids, certainly are not going to give you a present and yet you still lovingly give them those presents because you want to see the joy in their faces. You want to see them light up. You want to see the love light up in them, and that’s what you need to do in everything in your life. You’ve got to take life like Christmas every day, and it could be, and I know topping on about this, but it could be just smiling at that stranger in the grocery store that takes their day from – they were having such a crap day and here’s this stranger just smiling at them, just with that smile, filling them with love, because that smile did not come with any strings attached.

That smile wasn’t a smile as looking at them going, “oh, what are you wearing?” It was just a smile saying, I’m sending you love and I hope you have a good day. That’s all. No strings attached, just sending love. And the more you keep doing it, the more you keep practising it, the more you just inviting more love in, and reverse, when somebody does that to you, you can feel that love coming in and you’re leading the love in, you’re not putting blocks in your life. You’re not putting barricades on your life. You’re just letting the love flow. So with that, I’m going to ask, I’m going to ask you this question. Will today be the day that you let love in?.

So guys, as I said before, I am a Spiritual Medium. There are plenty more videos like this coming up. So if you want to know more, click Like, Subscribe, you know the drill, you do it and I will see you guys next time. Bye.

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