Understanding your Intution

If you have always had a “sixth”sense or feeling that you can’t explain. Have this deep sense of knowing. Then this is the place for you. I am here to help you unlock and understand your natural gifts and abilities.

Work with me


Courses aimed at understanding and expanding your intuitive abilities.


Short workshops aimed at tapping into your intuition and gifts.

Healing Sessions

A one hour energy healing sessions designed to start realising your blocks and get the energy flowing again.

Releasing Blocks

A four day immersive workshop focusing on releasing the blocks that are holding you back.

Intuitive Mastermind

A private week long retreat to dive deep into your intuition. A time for connection, growth and expansion. Where we as a group expand and grow our intuitive abilities.


I immediately felt calm and at ease in Cindy’s presence. She has a beautiful way of truly listening and a natural ability at seeing your true essence. Cindy provides gentle guidance and helped me to see the blocks that were limiting my goals and aspirations in moving forward in my life. Cindy has not only been supportive on my journey, she is truly caring. It’s hard to find people like Cindy who can not only consult you in areas of your business but also see things from a spiritual level. I recommend Cindy to anyone looking for solid guidance in their life. Cindy is one of a kind! 
Intuitive Medium

Cindy is such a beautiful soul! I believe people are put in our paths on purpose whether it be to help, guide, support or something so much more. Cindy is a beautiful medium very much in touch with everything and everyone around her. As someone who has had her not only help guide on a business level but also tapped into her for personal reasons as well she helped beyond what words could truly give her credit for. 

If you need guidance, to find yourself, to heal wounds, to take your business to a new level. You are in the right place. Cindy Pate has truly been my Angel  here on earth. Let her inspire you to do and be so much more than you give yourself credit for

Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker
My spiritual consult was amazing and much needed. Cindy was right on point with very detailed information about me. With this being my first phone consult I didn't know what to expect. Cindy's voice and spirit is very gentle so it made me a lot more comfortable, and her easy to connect with. Her guidance I felt gave me a great starting point in where to make changes for improvement. As a wife, mom, employee and business owner I was at a place of exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. I reached out to her and she didn't hesitate to assist me. Over all I loved it. Not to mention the drawing.... so intriguing. I definitely recommend her and I can't wait for my next spiritual consultation.​
Business Owner

Frequently asked questions

Some answers to questions you may have.

Healing sessions are all about realigning your energy and seeing which areas need to balanced and healed. Letting go of past issues that are holding you back.

The journey to mediumship or just growing your intuition is different for each person. What I would suggest is starting with the Intuition Basics course that teaches you to start using your senses. This will give you a good foundation to grow from.

Have a go out at my “How intuitive are you” quiz and see for yourself.