You have the power within you

I used to feel stressed, confused , overwhelmed and not sure of my next move.

Try to figure it all out and getting even move confused until I started working on mind, body and soul.

Thats when I took controlf of my future?

What to know more?


Focussing on what is truly holding you back in life.


Healing past energetic traumas and growing beyond it.


Getting back to yourself and being comfortable with you.

Free Training

Guided Meditation

An easy to follow guided meditation to help you see a situation from your souls perspective.

Journaling Prompts

A few prompts to get you on the road to journaling. Journaling is all about getting out what you may not be able to express verbally.

Energy Balancing

A quick go to training to help calm the energies around you when you feel things are getting crazy and out of hand.

What clients say

I immediately felt calm and at ease in Cindy’s presence. She has a beautiful way of truly listening and a natural ability at seeing your true essence. Cindy provides gentle guidance and helped me to see the blocks that were limiting my goals and aspirations in moving forward in my life.


Cindy is such a beautiful soul! I believe people are put in our paths on purpose whether it be to help, guide, support or something so much more. Cindy is a beautiful medium very much in touch with everything and everyone around her. As someone who has had her not only help guide on a business level but also tapped into her for personal reasons as well she helped beyond what words could truly give her credit for.


It does not matter who you are or what you look like, energy affects all.

Energy is something we cannot avoid, it is all around us and what we do and say has an impact on the energy around us.I’m sure you have noticed when someone close to you is in a bad mood, or feeling down, how the whole rooms’ mood can change and the energy just feels off.You’re not sure why, but that energy seems to affect you and you feel it. You carry it with you and just can’t shake it.One person’s actions or words has an impact on you and your day, affecting all that you come into contact with.See how easily you can be affected by energy alone.


Work with me

There a several ways to work with me, so let your intuition guide you to what feels right

Energy Cleanse

Learn at your own pace

4 week course

Learn how to clear unwanted energy

Clear entangled energies

Quick daily clearing practices

Private Energy Sessions

Private healing sessions

Energy Balancing

Unblocking energetic traumas

Done remotely

Individualised grounding meditations

Energetic Retreats

Small Group sessions

Held at energy vortexes around the world

Healing sessions

Soul Journeys

Private Sessions with Cindy

Frequently asked questions

Some answers to questions you may have.

Healing sessions are all about realigning your energy and getting it back to a balanced state. It is also about seeing which areas need to healed. Letting go of past issues that are holding you back.

We are all different and as such there is no one size fits all approach. I would suggest looking at what you would like to achieve through an energy session and go from there. It maybe that you just need some tips on clearing energy then the workshop is for you, or that you may want a more tailored healing session.

Retreats are a fun filled week away at an energy vortex location where we learn all about clearing energies, go on self discovery sessions all while being surrounded in a fun and safe environment.